About Diamonds

We only supply uncut Diamond. Our Diamond origin from Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo RDC with KIMBERLEY PROCESS CERTIFICATE .
A carat is the measurement used to weigh a diamond, with a 1 carat diamond weighing 0.4 grams.
If a diamond weighs less than 1 carat – for example, 0.65 carat – it is popularly referred to as a ‘60 pointer’. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that comparing the price of diamonds by carat weight alone is no different from comparing the value of a work of art by size. For instance, a large painting by an unskilled artist could not compare to a small painting by Picasso. Therefore, diamonds which are of the same carat but varying sizes will have the same points, but completely different prices.
This said, in general, diamonds that are larger in size and carat weight are rarer. Commensurately the larger the diamond the higher price. The price also goes up at each ‘staging post’ in the carat weight, not higher in a directly proportional manner, but more in an exponential way.
Choosing the right carat weight is a matter of choice and budget and Above Diamond gives you the option to choose diamonds directly from among the largest diamond cutters in the world.

Diamond Hand Carry Procedures

When entering Thailand with Rough Diamonds, they must be declared to customs, there is no tax or duty, but it is an offence to enter without declaring to the appropriate officials.


Product Description

  • 1.1  COMMODITY: Rough Uncut Diamond.
  • 1.2  QUALITY: Diamonds
  • 1.3  ORIGIN: Ghana,Sierra Leone,Liberia
  • 1.4  CONTRACT QUANTITY: From 50/200 Carats for trial run/Months Contract.
  • 1.5  PACKAGING: Export Package Boxes. Labels with Names, Address.
  • 1.6  DEPARTURE AIRPORT: Ghana,Sierra Leone,Liberia international Airport
  • 1.7  DESTINATION AIRPORT : Any country’s
  • 1.8  SHIPMENT & DELIVERY: Air Freight Hand Carry Ethiopian Airlines - KLM – Air France – Emirates or Similar. (Cost Insurance Freight) to the customs of the Buyer destination Airport.
  • 1.9  PRICE : Negotiations with the Buyers

Payment Release

  • 2.1  PAYMENT: Via MT103/TT

The Buyer sends the below Information

  • 3.1 Letter of intent (LOI) And the seller issue Full corporation offer (FCO)
    The Buyer issue irrevocable Pushed orders (ICPO) before issue contract (SPA) and Pro-forma invoice (PI)

Diamond Hand Carry instructions:

  • 4.1 The Seller/Passenger disembarks the flight with goods in-hand
  • 4.2 The Seller/Passenger deposits the goods with customs and then gives all documents including the following:4.3 Original invoice made out to:
  • 4.3 Original invoice made out to: MV SIAM LIMITED/IMPORTER CODE: R2565-C09-000007-5
  • 4.5 Passport Copy and boarding pass or Air Plane of the person who has carried the parcel to the buyer
  • 4.6 The Seller then gives all these documents to MALCA-AMIT security transport company and they clear the parcel through customs and deliver the parcel to the KP Office at: Kimberley Process
  • 4.7 If Passport Control inquires to the nature of the visit, the Seller/Passenger declares he is hand carrying rough diamonds
  • 4.8 Passport Control should process the passenger’s identification documents and passenger proceeds to luggage retrieval area to collect other belongings
  • 4.9 Passenger is then free to exit the airport
  • 4.10 Contact General Manager during regular business hours. Otherwise please give advance details of flight number and arrival time and our trained staff will meet you and escort you after the terminal building.
  • 4.11 We cannot help the passenger during any portion of this clearing procedure while he is in the airport secure area