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MV SIAM LIMITED has established a reputation of a successful Gold and Diamond import & export company worldwide. We are also known as an international marketing company and are considered as one of the leading companies in with two offices across the globe. Our products are of very high quality and our prices defy competition.
We can do large volume quantity as well as small volume quantity. We deal with serious buyers from all over the world and our clientele is loyal. Transactions between buyers and ourselves are concluded by written contracts.
We safely deliver superior returns to our stakeholders by locating, developing and operating multiple gold and diamond mines, providing refinery services and utilizing our own cutting house, thereby allowing MV SIAM LIMITED to provide all of our global clients with accurate and transparent precious metal refining, assaying and vaulting services, whilst ensuring that the demand for the highest possible service and returns are met with work that meets or exceeds all industry standards.
We partnership with Africa companies we operate through with one of the world’s largest and most efficient integrated precious metals plants. We value our clients’ reputation as if it were our own by providing a world class customized service to all sectors of the global precious metals market. Our clients include mining companies, jewelers, industrial corporates, commercial banks and Governments.
With our own mining concessions in Africa MV SIAM LIMTED intends to promote the highest global standards in product and service development, whilst simultaneously encouraging transparency to benefit market participants. It is expected that the company’s future market infrastructure developments will strengthen Ghana, Zambia, Congo DR, Mali position as the leading regional center for precious metals.

A Written Contract

The sales contract is a document that binds the seller and the buyer, it summarizes the rights and obligations of each of these two parties. Without a written contract no deal is possible between the buyer and us. This is to avoid any foreseeable conflict between buyers and ourselves.


To be valid, the contract of sale must necessarily include price, equal to the object of the sale, for transferring the goods safely to the buyer.


Here are the Essential Elements to Include in a Contract (spa)

  • Contractors;
  • Object of sale;
  • Operating conditions;
  • Price and acceptance conditions;
  • Payment terms;
  • Disclaimer;
  • Signatures of each contractor with the status;
  • The contract must be dated and have as many copies as originals.

We offer a complete range of MV SIAM LIMITED products including gold bars, uncut Diamond, Lithium, Tourmaline for understanding the worlds market.
If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call on +66-886-977-820 or fill in our 'Contact Us' form. Our experienced advisors are on hand and ready to help between 9am and 5:30 pm and will get back to you quickly.

Suppliers of LBMA-approved MV SIAM LIMITED

MV SIAM LIMITED is a fully authorized distributor of gold bars and uncut Diamond
The company is also a Royal Mint authorized MV SIAM LIMITED distributor.
For more information about the companies we stock, please visit our MV SIAM LIMITED Refiners office.

Excellent Customer Support & Thai gem and jewelry traders’ association Reviews

We pride ourselves on our award-winning customer services. Our support staff are on
Monday to Friday from 9 am until 5:30 pm, with answer phone coverage between 10 am
and 5pm to handle any missed calls. You can reach us on + 66-886-977-820 via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our Contact Us page.

MV SIAM LIMITED not only operates in the THAILAND but also across mainland Europe, America, Asia.
We offer customer assistance in a range of languages, including French, English, Russia, Korean.

Insured Delivery

As well as our great customer service, we also offer FREE, fully insured delivery on all orders. All our parcels are discreetly packaged and delivered to your refinery directly. Orders over 10,000 USD will additionally be provided with a tracking number, so that you can follow your order every step of the way from us to you.