MV SIAM LIMITED is fully capable of purchasing any quantities of Gold Dore and/or Bullion bars, with settlement after final assay at our refinery laboratory. We can usually complete on any size of transaction within 48 hours.
Annual production capacity is currently over 1200 Kg and the refined gold output is in the form of gold bars of 1 Tolas 999, 100 Grams 999, 1 Kg 995 and 1 Kg 9999. We offer refining capabilities up to 999.9 Gold and 995 Silver and our cutting-edge refining facilities and processes provides our clients with the highest quality gold and silver refining services. We can produce gold and silver bars of all standard sizes and purities and all of our final product are extensively tested and verified throughout the refining process.
Our globally accredited assay laboratory and refining services carry the highest levels of insurance in order to fully guarantee integrity. Our extremely close relationships with all other major Bullion Banks and international institutions easily ensure our ability to conclude in the manner best suited to our client’s needs. We also offer a complementary and fully licensed customs clearance service on behalf of our clients, with all transport and security through Customs areas to the refinery, being fully insured and provided.
Advanced refining equipment, a modern processing facility and a fully equipped onsite assay laboratory ensure reliable, accurate and prompt results and returns. The refinery is located at Bangkok and operates under strict environmental emissions licenses, and health and safety practices in line with government and industry standards.
Extraordinary care is taken with every refining job received, including multiple weight verification and analysis checks using ISO (the international organization for standardization) certified assay procedures and processing techniques. As an industry leader, MV SIAM LIMITED prides itself on putting customers first, ensuring fast turn-around times, friendly service, and accurate results. For convenience, refining can be dropped or posted to our link Company’s refinery.





Once received at MV SIAM LIMITED office, refining is weighed in and assigned an individual job number ready to be processed in the refinery. Please note refining treatment charges are calculated using this received weight.




When a job has been received at the refinery it is re-weighed before being melted into an individual bar homogenizing the metal ready for analysis.




Each bar is tested using ISO certified assay procedures to assess the pure metal content contained. One, two and four metal assay testing is available depending on customer requirements.




When the final report has been generated customers are contacted to discuss results and outturn options. MV SIAM LIMITED can return refined metal as proceeds, bullion, granules, fabricated metal or a mix of these options.




The bars are then dissolved and precipitated in a range of chemical solutions to remove base metals, and separate out each precious metal. Purified metals are then returned to customers or alloyed and fabricated into a range of products.