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MV SIAM LIMITED are an international wholesale marketplace for sourcing food products. General goods Marketing import & Export Free Business Matching. Worldwide Suppliers.

MV SIAM LIMITED is the food distributors basing in Thailand .


Our team goes above and beyond just distributing food ingredients from ingredient suppliers to food products companies — we create the best solution for you. We offer the most efficient delivery due to a network of warehouses and aggressive freight rates. We deliver on time, all the time.

When buying food and beverages you should not have to worry about the quality of the products.

The following should be guaranteed by the manufacturer :

  • The product is safe, meaning that it is free of impurities and contaminants
  • The source of the product and the origin of all its ingredients are known
  • Tracking systems are in place to facilitate swift and comprehensive products recall, should this ever be necessary
  • The product is always readily available in the warehouses.
  • The product was produced in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Food safety is vitally important. You want to be sure that your food is safe and wholesome. A careful watch needs to be kept over what goes into our food and how it is processed before being sold to us.

We all have become accustomed to high quality products and tend to take basic food safety levels for granted. A number of recent and widely publicized cases of food contamination have, however, highlighted the importance of food safety. Manufacturers and consumers alike are paying heightened attention to this issue.


The Quality for Life™ seal underwrites our commitment to the highest standards of product safety. It is the mark of product quality, reliability and traceability. It means we aim to supply the very best ingredients, produced in a sustainable and ethical manner. You know where they come from, and you know you can depend on this source.

Quality for Life™ offers the peace of mind which only the highest safety standards can provide.