MV SIAM LIMITED is a general merchant, an import & export of general goods and an international marketing company, based in Bangkok Thailand.
We are a worldwide supplier. We supply our neighbouring Asia countries, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Our highly experienced team has been excelling in the Industrial Scrap field since 2016. As we are expanding, we are exploring new markets and improving our capacity to meet the various demands of our customers. We have developed long-term partnerships with 7 renowned companies, whose factories are at our disposition. That is why we can proudly guarantee timely delivery on any order.

Logistics :

Our sales department controls and coordinates our exports from the loading from the plant to the shipping and from the shipping till client's reception.

Commercial :

We have partnership with brokers that link us to buyers and that partnership is growing because of the satisfactory experience of our current clients.

Quality Control :

Our Quality Control department analyzes and certifies the goods we export based on the requirement of the client. The control is performed in the factory.

System :

Internal system development and maintenance for management control of MV SIAM LIMITED

Finances :

Management and control of banks, the company, clients and suppliers' bank account, also Prices and national and international Invoicing Control.
MV SIAM LIMITED excelles with professionalism. Quality service, experience, flexibility, advanced technology, partnerships, know-how define our company. When you know us better, you understand better our sense of commitment, our dedication to our clients satisfaction. Your satisfaction and confidence are important to us because they promote our stability, development and constant growth, while success of our customers is our success.